www.SatelliteTVtoPC.com is fast becoming one of the most popular websites on the internet. Why? Because of the incredible service that they offer which allows you to watch satellite television on your computer for a small one time fee that will save you a huge amount of money compared to buying a satellite dish or cable access.

Satellite TV to PC includes over 3000 channels from all over the world (over 78 countries.) These channels include news, sports, weather, movies, educational, and much more.

Satellite TV to PC FAQ

1. Is it legal?

Yes. It's guaranteed to be 100% legal.

2. Is it easy to use?

Yes. It requires no extra hardware or TV cards.

3. Will it work where I live?

Yes. It works anywhere in the world.

4. Will there be any extra charges?

No, there's only one small charge. No more charges ever!

5. Are there additional ads or spyware that come with this program?


6. Will it work with my computer?

It works with all versions of Windows.


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